Our Head Chef Edip Sigl

A star-awarded chef who lives in and loves Chiemgau.
Since 2021 Edip has dedicated himself with a great deal of creativity and passion for detail to his role as Head Chef in our gourmet restaurant, es:senz. Getting the best out of each component of a dish is one of hos particular strengths. Enhanced with sophisticated, elegant sauces & essences, Edip Sigl and his team create exciting dishes, including Chiemsee whitefish served on a tomato-Kombucha base, and saddle of venison, from local hunts, served with a raisin sauce.
‘In es:senz there is a story behind every dish, recounted wonderfully on your plate
. It starts with our close connection to
producers from the region – and mutual exchange with regard to which product
we choose and work with responsibly. I am very thankful to
put my own stamp on each dish and am delighted to
create culinary gems from Chiemgau’s unique pleasure-filled experiences.’

Edip Sigl

es:senz Team

Edip Sigl had already worked with the majority of his team before coming to es:senz. They know one another, are in harmony with one another and know that they can rely on one another. This is how perfect team work comes about, with every individual playing a part, placing each individual component of every dish on your plate, at just the right time.
Felix Putzier, Edip Sigl, Mathias Brenner, Desiree Nieder, Johannes Hell and Sebastian Krawanja.

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es:senz Service team

A strong team of chefs needs a strong service team. The team, managed by Simon Adam, ensure a relaxed gourmet evening in es:senz, with their easy-going, yet premium skills.


Edip Sigl - Executive Chef

If there is one feature that runs like a common thread through Edip Sigl’s career, it is his work in the best restaurants in the country. All the points in his career path have been in star-awarded restaurants – including the Gut Lärchenhof in Pulheim, Hugos in Berlin and Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau. His cooking style was lastingly forged from his travels across the globe in 2012, from which Edip gained countless insights and culinary inspirations. After that he worked in Restaurant Les Deux in Munich, where in 2019 he was promoted to Head Chef, achieving two Michelin stars.

Simon Adam - Restaurant Manager

Some 20 years ago his career began as a trainee in Gourmetrestaurant Königshof in Munich. As Restaurant Manager and host he was there at the start of the re-design phase in 2019 of this wonderfully traditional restaurant. After brief stops in Bachmair Weissach and the Allianz Arena he found his new professional home in our restaurant, es:senz. Here is able to combine his flair for realising guests’ wishes with his passion to realise a perfect interplay of good food and exquisite wines. With his qualities as a host and as a leader, he, together with Edip Sigl and the entire es:senz team provide unforgettable pleasure-filled moments.

Iiro Lutter - Sommelier

This Finnish man, born in the Palatinate region, is in charge of the wine list both in the new gourmet restaurant ES:SENZ, and also for the numerous other outlets in the hotel, including the restaurant Weißer Hirsch, Hubertushütte, the snugs, the Kaminbar and Seehütte10 at the resort's own golf course. In the evening, Iiro Lutter can be found in gourmet restaurant ES:SENZ to provide bespoke advice.

In every dish we concentrate on the fundamentals, on the essence.
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With attention to detail