Our Head Chef Edip Sigl

A star chef who lives and loves the Chiemgau.
Since 2021 Edip dedicates himself with a lot of ingenuity and passion for detail to his task as chef in our 3-star gourmet restaurant es:senz. 9 months after opening es:senz, Edip and his team were pleased to receive the 2-star award from the Guide Michelin. Getting the best out of every component of a dish is one of his particular strengths. Supplemented with fine refined sauces & essences, Edip Sigl and his team conjure up exciting dishes such as Chiemsee venison on tomato kombucha or saddle of venison from the local hunter on raisin sauce. "Chiemgau pur" and "Chiemgau goes around the world" - the names of the two menus already give an idea that the region is the focus of Edip Sigl's cuisine. He knows how to bring the Chiemgau onto the plate in a modern and creative way. Feel free to drop by - we look forward to seeing you.
‘In es:senz there is a story behind every dish, recounted wonderfully on your plate
. It starts with our close connection to
producers from the region – and mutual exchange with regard to which product
we choose and work with responsibly. I am very thankful to
put my own stamp on each dish and am delighted to
create culinary gems from Chiemgau’s unique pleasure-filled experiences.’

Edip Sigl


If there is one feature that runs like a common thread through Edip Sigl’s career, it is his work in the best restaurants in the country. All the points in his career path have been in star-awarded restaurants – including the Gut Lärchenhof in Pulheim, Hugos in Berlin and Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau. His cooking style was lastingly forged from his travels across the globe in 2012, from which Edip gained countless insights and culinary inspirations. After that he worked in Restaurant Les Deux in Munich, where in 2019 he was promoted to Head Chef, achieving two Michelin stars. In March 2024, his dream came true when he and his team were awarded 3 Michelin stars for the es:senz restaurant.

es:senz Team

Das_Achental_team of chefs_essenz_Gourmet_Gourmet cuisine_Edip_sigl

Edip Sigl had already worked with the majority of his team before coming to es:senz. They know one another, are in harmony with one another and know that they can rely on one another. This is how perfect team work comes about, with every individual playing a part, placing each individual component of every dish on your plate, at just the right time. From left:
Korbinian Willibald - Demi Chef de Partie
Desiree Nieder - Chef Patissiere
Noah Mantel - Demi Chef de Patisserie
Edip Sigl - Executive Chef
Felix Putzier - Sous Chef
Christina März - Commis de Cuisine
Moritz Meyer - Chef de Partie


Our Chef Patissière Desiree Nieder secured first place among Chef Patissiers in Germany. The 32-year-old is part of our es:senz team at Das Achental and was presented with the Rolling Pin Award at the Rolling Pin Convention Germany 2023 in Berlin. What is special about this award is that only employees in the catering industry are allowed to vote and, in addition to craftsmanship, the commitment and role model effect of the person in question for the catering industry is also a decision criterion. The Rolling Pin Award is considered the biggest industry award.


We are very proud of our newly qualified junior chef Cristina März. Her "commitment and dedication" to her profession at our Resort Das Achental was recognized with a certificate from Dr. Konrad Schober, District President of Upper Bavaria. In addition, the 24-year-old was awarded the Bavarian State Prize for a grade average of less than 1.5 in her journeyman's examination to become a chef. After studying to become a tourism manager, Cristina März completed a shortened, 2-year apprenticeship as a cook in our restaurant Weißer Hirsch. Shortly after finishing her apprenticeship, Cristina März moved to our 3-star gourmet restaurant as Commis de Cuisine and has been supporting our es:senz team with passion and precision ever since.

es:senz Service team


A strong team of chefs needs a strong service team. The team, managed by Simon Adam, ensure a relaxed gourmet evening in es:senz, with their easy-going, yet premium skills.


Some 20 years ago his career began as a trainee in Gourmetrestaurant Königshof in Munich. As Restaurant Manager and host he was there at the start of the re-design phase in 2019 of this wonderfully traditional restaurant. After brief stops in Bachmair Weissach and the Allianz Arena he found his new professional home in our restaurant, es:senz. Here is able to combine his flair for realising guests’ wishes with his passion to realise a perfect interplay of good food and exquisite wines. With his qualities as a host and as a leader, he, together with Edip Sigl and the entire es:senz team provide unforgettable pleasure-filled moments.


This Finnish man, born in the Palatinate region, is in charge of the wine list both in the new gourmet restaurant ES:SENZ, and also for the numerous other outlets in the hotel, including the restaurant Weißer Hirsch, Hubertushütte, the snugs, the Kaminbar and Seehütte10 at the resort's own golf course. In the evening, Iiro Lutter can be found in gourmet restaurant ES:SENZ to provide bespoke advice.


Our sommelier Iiro Lutter was honored for his "Excellent Wine Concept 2023" at the VDP Wine Exchange in Mainz. Lutter is one of the five award winners selected from numerous applications by the jury of the Excellent Wine Concept, consisting of annually changing vintners, representatives of the magazine "meiningers Sommelier" and the VDP. Here is the laudation that VDP president Steffen Christmann gave to Iiro Lutter: "It is amazing that Iiro Lutter has managed to build up a first-class wine list in a newly opened restaurant within just one and a half years. This is only possible with a sufficient amount of experience and Iiro Lutter can undoubtedly refer to this.


"We are very proud of our sommelier Iiro Lutter and we are delighted to have him on our team," emphasizes Nikolai Bloyd, Managing Director Das Achental. With beaming eyes, the experienced sommelier received his award at the annual meeting of the leaders of the German wine scene. At our resort Das Achental, Iiro Lutter crowns the fine menus in the 3-star gourmet restaurantantes:senz with excellent wine accompaniment and is also responsible for the entire wine concept in the Vinothek and in the Weißer Hirsch restaurant. The "SchlemmerAtlas Award TOP50 Sommelier" is awarded as the highest recognition for outstanding achievements in the wine industry.


This year, for the first time, our sommelier was honored by Rolling Pin as one of the 50 best sommeliers in Germany. Iiro Lutter beamed as he accepted his award at the Rolling Pin Convention Germany 2023 in Berlin. As a nominated newcomer, the sommelier reached 14th place in the category "50 Best Sommeliers Germany 2023" at the first attempt. The Rolling Pin Award is considered the largest industry award in the gastronomy sector.

In every dish we concentrate on the fundamentals, on the essence.
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Our Executive Chef Edip Sigl drives by the Thalhamer Mühle fish farm in Amerang almost every day on his way to work himself to pick up fresh and regional products for the 3-star gourmet restaurant es:senz in our resort, but also for our other culinary outlets. The Thalhamer Mühle is known for breeding endangered fish species and its complete in-house production. There is no buying in or trade here. Edip Sigl: "Owner Florian Persch knows exactly what I need. I am enthusiastic about the species-appropriate husbandry of the fish. They grow up in natural ponds and are provided with special food. Florian Persch and I have a close partnership, which I appreciate very much."


Master beekeeper Stephan Walter from Rimsting has made his passion his profession with his master business for the finest bee products - just like our 3-star chef Edip Sigl. Both men live and work where other people go on vacation: in the beautiful Chiemgau region. "The honey of Stephan Walter is for me a particularly noble product that gives my dishes the special nuance. Whether blossoms, forest, spruce, cream or comb honey - the taste is phenomenal," Edip Sigl tells us and is pleased that the experienced beekeeper also passes on his knowledge and incredible know-how to the hotel guests during bee walks.


The Bad Endorf nursery Jolling is a producer-consumer cooperative in which people have come together who want to shape new ways of regional business together. Our star chef Edip Sigl also went new ways with his concept "Chiemgau Pur.", which is reflected in his menus. Seasonality and regionality give Sigl his menu and are also the focus of the work in the nursery Jolling. "Cooking is daily manual labor - just like what the people at the Jolling nursery practice every day. They sow, harvest and pick with a lot of love for the product, emphasizing organic farming and being as gentle as possible with the soil. That and the phenomenal products that come out of it impress me very much," says Edip Sigl.


"Food is a matter of trust. Especially this trusting relationship with the organic farm Sepp`n Bauer in Bernau with its own farm store is a great gift for me as a chef as well as for our entire resort Das Achental," emphasizes Edip Sigl, Executive Chef. "The owner family Simon breeds quail especially for me. So quail cooked on the carcass became one of my signature dishes. I am very pleased to be able to serve our guest a high-quality product directly from the farm," Sigl continued. "Our concept Chiemgau Pur. fits perfectly with the philosophy of the Sepp`n Bauer family. It creates a livable and happy life for their animals with plenty of free space in nature."


"With the unique quality of Wagyu meat from the Achental, I would like to put a smile on the faces of my guests next year," our chef Edip Sigl is delighted. In the immediate vicinity of Resort Das Achental, the stunning cattle of Christian Kreuz graze on the pasture. "The cattle of this breeder are part of a philosophy that is committed to sustainable and healthy nutrition as well as excellent meat quality in the region. Edip Sigl has accompanied this success story from the beginning and will be able to purchase the unique meat from Christian Kreuz for the first time in 2024. Short delivery routes, nature-friendly pasture management and a self-contained product cycle ensure that in many respects the business is managed in such a way that the environment and animal welfare are brought into a healthy balance," explains Edip Sigl.


"I particularly like the fact that as a chef you have a different relationship with the product when you know where it comes from," affirms our Executive Chef Edip Sigl. "I appreciate all the more the close cooperation with Chiemseefischerei Lex on Fraueninsel. The owner family Lex knows exactly how big and how heavy the fish have to be for me to be able to process them perfectly in my dishes for es:sence," Sigl continues. "It is only through the close ties with my suppliers and with their support that I am able to bring the pure taste of Chiemgau to life for the guests. And that is my version."

Edip Sigl: with attention to detail

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