Golf, biodiversity and environmental protection belong together.dottedlinex

Under the term "GOLF&NATUR", the German Golf Association has developed a self-obliging and proactive quality and environmental certificate for golf courses that includes both quality and environmental aspects. The environmental certificate contains all relevant aspects that contribute to ensuring quality in the management of a golf facility and to the environmentally conscious use of natural resources. For DAS ACHENTAL, this means transparency to make processes more effective, cost-conscious and sustainable.
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In summary, "GOLF&NATUR" means:Optimal playing quality, contemporary environmental management, legal security, resource protection, improved quality and sustainability, combined in a systematic concept.
Golf und Natur Auszeichnung


One of our projects last year was the development of a wildflower meadow along our driving range. Furthermore, in order to draw attention to the protection of the native bee, we took part in the Bee Week campaign launched by the Bavarian Golf Association.Bees on the Golf Course


Since spring 2023, satellite-based vegetation and soil moisture measurements have been carried out at the highest resolution and frequency on the Das Achental golf course. This novel method of watering the surfaces gives the golf course team a complete overview of the condition of the vegetation and water saturation of the entire course. Changes can thus be identified and appropriate measures can be precisely controlled. The system ensures a reduction in water consumption and better turf quality. In addition, the technology allows to look back to the year 2018 and track the development of the course. It is not for nothing that the course belongs to the "Leading Golf Clubs of Germany", which stands for uncompromising quality and cordial service at the highest level.

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