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Spectacular success for the "4 Hands Dinner "
A spectacular success was the "4 Hands Dinner" edition that Edip Sigl launched at Resort Das Achental in 2022. Far beyond the borders of Chiemgau, the 3-star chef inspired lovers of gourmet cuisine with his idea of inviting other successful chefs to Grassau in the "es:senz" and creating joint menus.

Last year, no less than four renowned guest chefs, together with Edip Sigl and his team, caused applause and enthusiasm among the numerous guests with their gourmet evenings.

With Juan Amador (three Michelin stars), Sigl managed a brilliant start to the 4 Hands Dinner Edition on 27 February 2022. The successful start was continued by Christian Bau (three stars) on 21 June, Timo Fritsche (one star) on 9 August and Silvio Nickol (two stars) on 30 October. Each evening offered a top-class firework of enjoyment.

2023 started the 4 Hand Dinner series with the motto "Chiemsee meets Tegernsee" with 3-star chef Christian Jürgens. At the beginning of May, 3-star chef Sven Elverfeld and his team enchanted guests in the gourmet restaurant.

We are in the middle of planning for 2024 and are delighted to announce the new dates for our exclusive 4hands dinner series. We look forward to welcoming outstanding star chefs to our gourmet restaurant "es:senz". Look forward to culinary highlights and unforgettable moments of pleasure.


Many stars shine in the ChiemgauAnyone entering the "es:senz" gourmet restaurant at Resort Das Achental is immediately captured by the unique atmosphere. Subdued lighting, a refined interior, a cosy open fire and warm-hearted staff all contribute to making every guest feel immediately welcome. Since 2021, Edip Sigl has dedicated himself to his task as Executive Chef at "es:senz" with great passion and a lot of heart and soul.
Juan Amador
"In my cuisine, I don't follow trends. My cuisine is like the little black dress - there is nothing to hide," says Juan Amador. The German chef with Spanish roots has been running the three-star restaurant "Amador" in Vienna since 2016. The basis of Amador's recipes is the classic cuisine of Catalonia, France and the Basque Country. Amador also enchanted the guests at the 4 Hands Dinner in Grassau with this signature.
Christian Bau
Christian Bau has been the chef and host at "Victor`s Fine Dining by Christian Bau" in Perl-Nenning, Saarland, since 1998 and has been awarded three Michelin stars. "We offer dishes made from exclusive products of the very highest quality, with respect for the seasons and nature - classically grounded, inspired by the Far East and served spectacularly," says the star chef. Bau also added an Asian touch to the menu sequence at es:senz.
Timo Fritsche
In Switzerland, Timo Fritsche has been awarded a star for the vegetarian restaurant "Oz" in Fürstenau. At Oz, the guests do not sit at tables but at the counter, which stretches around the open kitchen like a horseshoe. "What catches my eye during my forays through the garden is already on the plate a few hours later - staged with a lot of imagination and love," Fritsche emphasises. In "es:senz" he also showed how tasty vegetarian dishes can be.
Silvio Nickol
Silvio Nickol names passion, work and luck as the three cornerstones of his career. He has been running the two-star "Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant" at Palais Coburg in Vienna since 2011. "My cuisine is characterised by elaborate, well thought-out cooking that is creatively and perfectly executed in terms of craftsmanship," is how Nickol describes his signature. Nickol and Sigl got to know each other during their time together at Heinz Winkler in Aschau in Chiemgau.
Christian Jürgens
The only 3-star chef in Bavaria, Christian Jürgens, stood together with 2-star chef, Edip Sigl, for the first time at the stove as part of the 4 Hands Dinner Edition. Since 2008, Christian Jürgens has been working at the Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt at Lake Tegernsee and since 2013, the restaurant Überfahrt - Christian Jürgens has been awarded the highest rating of 3 stars in the Guide Michelin. Despite different signatures, Christian Jürgens and Edip Sigl have things in common: Both bring their menus with great attention to detail, perfection as well as passion on the plates and rely on regional products.
Sven Elverfeld
With Sven Elverfeld, the popular Gourmet series was continued on Monday, 08 May, 2023. Elverfeld's career really took off at The Ritz-Carlton in 1998. Before opening the Aqua restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg, Elverfeld managed the La Baie gourmet restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai. In 2002, Aqua was awarded the first star by the Michelin Guide, in 2006 the second star, and since 2009 the restaurant has held 3 Michelin stars. Meanwhile, Aqua is one of the ten best trendy restaurants in Germany and Sven Elverfeld is one of the best chefs in the country. The culinary fireworks delighted the guests on this unique evening, where four hands and five stars presented magnificent compositions on the plates.


Regional television Oberbayern accompanied the "4 Hands Dinner" with guest chef Silvio Nickol at Resort Das Achental for one evening.See for yourself the unique atmosphere of this gourmet event in the "es:senz".

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Christian Jürgens, from the Seehotel Überfahrt on Lake Tegernsee worked together with our 3-star chef, Edip Sigl, to conjure up a 16-part menu in the gourmet restaurant es:senz. The regional television Oberbayern captured this firework of pleasure in a TV report as part of our 4 Hands Dinner-Edition.Learn more

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es:senz 4 Hands Dinner in Chiemgau

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