Overview of conference rooms

Our rooms across four storeys offer plenty of space to allow you to get on with your work uninterrupted. All conference rooms have wireless LAN, DSL, air-conditioning and state-of-the-art presentation equipment. We also offer the following free of charge: projector, OHP, screen, mobile flip-chart, 3 pinboards, moderator box, writing pads and pens for all participants. We are also happy to meet your individual technical requirements!

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Ground floor

Our conference rooms on the ground floor are bright, friendly and open directly out into the outside world. Whatever you have planned: our 500 square metre space gives you plenty of scope to design your event and includes five seminar rooms with flexible seating for up to 14 delegates each. The Geigelstein conference room provides plenty of space for your ideas: At 250 square metres, there is ample space for large events for up to 200 people. Our large conference room can also be split into two to four individual rooms if required. There is a place in the sunshine and lots of space for your ideas on our generous terraces which can also be included in the package, for example for presenting cars and large-scale projects. Of course, all conference rooms comes with free wireless LAN, ISDN, air-conditioning and state-of-the-art presentation equipment. There is just one thing you won’t find here: stress.

First floor

You should feel at home with us! The individually designed conference rooms on the first floor exude charm and comfort and provide an exclusive backdrop for small conferences. At the same time, they have all the technical equipment you expect from professional conference rooms.

Third floor

The facilities in our conference rooms on the third floor leave nothing to be desired when it comes to concentrated, creative work. The five completely redesigned rooms have plenty of natural lighting, direct access to the balcony and modern technical equipment to provide a really relaxed atmosphere for you and your conference delegates. This is thanks to natural wooden floors, loden curtains, comfortable leather seats and, of course, our top-notch conference service and all-round personal support. Our generous break rooms right next door to the conference rooms are the perfect spot to rest and recharge your batteries. You can sit down on a comfortable corner sofa and relax as you take stock of the day so far. And, of course, there is enough space to stretch your legs a bit if you want to. Whichever conference room you opt for, they are all in separate areas away from the rest of the hotel, to guarantee plenty of peace and the opportunity to focus on work in a private setting. You could almost forget we had other guests too ...

Fourth floor

Bright and airy rooms which have been completely renovated, with wooden floors, loden curtains and leather seats. All the technical equipment you need for a successful conference. Plus a wonderful view over the beautiful Chiemgau mountains: our fourth-floor conference rooms provide a setting which makes working a real pleasure. You can choose between three relatively large rooms with direct access to the balcony and four rooms with skylights making them perfect for group work. Just like on the third floor, there is a generous break area where you can relax and recharge. There is no evidence of the hotel business here. But you do not have to go without four-star service to meet your requirements and plenty of space to work undisturbed. In short: the prospects for a successful, sunny conference here are ideal!