Contact partner

Your personal contact partners are always here to listen to you and will see to your needs. At our Concierge area in the lobby, as well as a nice chat, you will also get the best tips for excursions and activities in the surrounding area.

Contact partner

Patrick Schmidt - Hotel Manager

Moritz Schmitt - F&B Manager

Simon Hangel - Golf & Leisure Manager

Doris Berger - Front Office Manager

Florian Zehentner - Tagungs Manager

Michaela Neumann-Willes - Verkauf

Tina Achenbach - Verkauf

Simon Adam - Restaurant Manager

Edip Sigl - Executive Chef

Gideon Huth - Küchenchef

Mary-Ann Kühn - SPA Manager

Daniel Scherr - Bar Manager

Fabian Warfelmann - Concierge

Martina Lehner - Director Finance

Wencke Kirst - Marketing Manager

Wolfgang Bretzner - Technikleitung

Virag Csönge - Housekeeping

Alexander Maier - Head Greenkeeping


Contact partner